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Vision Correction Surgery in Fort McMurray, AB

Young Woman with Green Eyes - Vision Correction Surgery
If you are considering vision correction surgery but feel you cannot afford it, get in touch with King LASIK. We offer a number of financing options to help you pay for vision correction surgery in Fort McMurray, AB. You can also receive special financing for any treatment you receive from our vision correction surgeon in Edmonton, Alberta, or Victoria, British Columbia.

What You Want from a Vision Correction Surgeon

It seems like common sense that when you elect to have LASIK surgery, you would want a surgeon with experience. However, the word "experienced" is a subjective term. By our standards, a vision correction surgeon needs more than a couple of years providing routine eye care.

All of our surgeons have several years of practical experience performing thousands of laser eye surgeries. This is vastly different from doctors that mostly perform general eye procedures for conditions such as strabismus or glaucoma. Our team specializes in laser surgery, and we know how to approach the subtle differences unique to each person's eye disorder. 

Preparing for Vision Correction Surgery

To prepare for vision correction surgery, you will need to stop wearing your contact lenses for about three weeks prior to your procedure. We need to take accurate measurements of your eyeballs and wearing contacts can distort the shape of your cornea. You also should keep your eyelashes clean and make sure you are not wearing eye makeup, lotions, or perfumes on the day of your surgery. It is important there is no debris from makeup or other products on your face that could cause an infection.

Please arrange for a ride home after your surgery. While you may notice an improvement in your vision immediately after the surgery, you may also experience temporary blurred vision. If you are ever unsure about the steps you need to take to prepare for vision correction surgery, just ask our staff for help, and they will gladly walk you through the process and answer any questions.

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