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PRK Surgery in Fort McMurray, AB

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Do you suffer from poor eyesight that prevents you from enjoying life to the fullest? During a free consultation with the PRK surgeon at KING LASIK, we can tell you how PRK surgery can dramatically improve your vision. Our office provides state-of-the-art PRK surgery in Fort McMurray, AB. We also have office locations in Edmonton, Alberta, and Victoria, British Columbia.

Your Ideal Surgery from a Highly Adept PRK Surgeon

If you are tired of relying on contact lenses and eyeglasses to see, PRK surgery may be the solution to your problem. This procedure is a safe method for correcting eye deficiencies such as myopia and astigmatism. Using precision instruments and an excimer laser, we can give your cornea the shape it needs to refract light properly, providing you with crystal clear vision.

Dr. Joseph King and Dr. Gabriel Chu are the two surgeons at our office in Fort McMurray. Both doctors are extremely skilled at performing PRK surgeries and have an impressive record of successful procedures. You can rest easy knowing that your PRK surgeon will take a personalized approach to your surgery for a safe and successful outcome.

When to Choose PRK Surgery

LASIK and PRK surgery essentially provide the same benefits for your vision. LASIK has a faster recovering time, making it the more popular choice among patients. So why would you choose PRK over LASIK?

Unfortunately, for some patients, LASIK surgery is too risky. This could be due to irregularly shaped corneas or if the outer layer of the cornea is too thin. PRK is also the safer option for patients who have suffered from repeated physical trauma, such as boxers or football players. People with unusually large pupils are also at risk of experiencing complications from LASIK. If you have already undergone eye surgery in the past, the corneal tissue may be susceptible to infection during the LASIK procedure. To find out if you should receive PRK surgery instead of LASIK, come in for a free consultation.

Contact us today with any questions about how PRK surgery works. We proudly serve
Edmonton and Fort McMurray, Alberta, as well as Victoria, British Columbia.