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LASIK Eye Surgery in Victoria, BC

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Come visit King LASIK for a consultation with our LASIK eye surgeon to see if you could benefit from our highly advanced treatment options. Our practice utilizes the latest techniques for LASIK eye surgery in Fort McMurray, AB. We also have a LASIK eye center located in Edmonton, Alberta, and Victoria, British Columbia.

A Patient-First LASIK Eye Center

In addition to sophisticated laser treatments, we provide comprehensive patient care. Our LASIK medical team thoroughly prepares every patient for surgery by explaining the details of the procedure and the expected recovery time. After completing LASIK eye surgery, we remain in close contact with our patients to address any concerns and provide medical assistance, if needed.

Your Custom LASIK Treatment Plan

Before your surgery, we use a sophisticated WaveFront corneal mapping device to evaluate your refractive errors. The information from this map is programmed into the excimer laser we use to reshape your cornea and correct the issues with your vision. This custom LASIK approach maximizes the success rate of our treatment while minimizing the risk of complications.
Not everyone is a candidate for LASIK eye surgery. We screen every patient thoroughly and only perform LASIK on those who are 100% compatible with the procedure. Enhancing your vision is our main goal, but your health and safety always remain our highest priority.

LASIK Makes Financial Sense

Time and research have shown that LASIK is the most cost-effective vision correction option available today. While you cannot put a price on excellent eyesight, you can consider how much money you spend on corrective eyewear. Over the course of your lifetime, you can save thousands of dollars otherwise spent on eyeglasses, contact lenses, and products needed to maintain those items.

Our LASIK eye center strives to make laser surgery affordable for everyone. We maintain very competitive rates that reflect the high-end service we provide. If you cannot immediately afford the full price of LASIK, we offer several financing plans to accommodate your budget.

Contact us today to discuss whether or not you should consider LASIK eye surgery.
We proudly serve Edmonton and Fort McMurray, Alberta, as well as Victoria, British Columbia.