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LASIK Eye Surgery in Edmonton, AB

If you are searching for the best LASIK eye surgeon available, turn to the experienced team at King LASIK. We utilize the latest technologies to perform LASIK eye surgery in Edmonton, AB. Our LASIK eye center is equipped with everything we need to give you flawless vision. You can also visit our offices located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and Victoria, British Columbia.
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A Premier LASIK Eye Surgeon

Dr. Joseph King is our lead surgeon who has helped more than 85,000 patients improve their vision through custom LASIK surgery. He has served as a clinical investigator for numerous medical research projects and is always at the forefront of new technological developments in the field of laser eye treatment.

As a LASIK eye surgeon, Dr. King is highly respected among the medical community. He was the first surgeon in the world to use the WaveFront analyzer during a procedure. He was also the first surgeon in Alberta to perform iLASIK, an exciting new procedure that minimizes the risk of surgical complications by combining the most advanced LASIK equipment and techniques.

Dr. King frequently attends ophthalmologist conferences and seminars as a LASIK expert. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge with his patients as well as other LASIK practitioners.

An Accommodating LASIK Eye Center

Our office specializes in customized procedures that address each patient's vision needs. We take into account all aspects that contribute to your eye problems, from refractive errors—such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism—to your lifestyle and profession. Your custom LASIK surgery will be ideal for you, and we take every measure to reduce the chance of complications and maximize the effectiveness of the procedure.

In addition to developing a personalized surgery plan, we also take into consideration a patient's financial needs. Our office has special financing plans that allow you to make payments at a rate you can afford. Whether you need a plan that requires no money down or one that features low monthly payments with zero interest, we have the ideal financing options for you.

Your Custom LASIK Surgery

Before we begin LASIK eye surgery, we map your cornea using the WaveFront analyzer. Once we have an accurate, digital map of your cornea, we can begin with the surgery. The first step is creating a corneal slit. The method for doing this depends on the type of surgery we agreed you should have during your consultation.

The next step is to program the information from the WaveFront analyzer into the excimer laser used to reshape your cornea. Due to technological advancements with LASIK surgery, this entire process is extremely safe and virtually painless with little recovery time.

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