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Custom LASIK

Visual freedom is within plain site when you depend on the highly skilled surgeons at King LASIK. By providing custom LASIK surgery, we tailor the procedure to meet your needs. Even though traditional LASIK offers safe and exceptional results, you may need to customize your laser eye surgery. Using advanced Wavefront cornea mapping technology, we greatly improve the results and reduce any post-surgical complications. In fact, custom LASIK is an extremely precise vision correction method that increases your chances of having perfect vision.

The Custom LASIK Surgery Process

You deserve the best option for your unique visual needs. Custom LASIK is the ideal choice for many people. The process begins by taking measurements with a safe beam of light. The scan reveals unique lower- and higher-order aberrations in your eyes. We transfer these measurements to a 3D map (Wavefront map), which is then inputted into a computer that guides the laser.

During the surgery, our surgeon customizes the LASIK procedure for your specific visual requirements. The entire procedure is highly effective at reshaping the cornea because it takes into account even the smallest irregularities. In addition, custom LASIK surgery poses reduced risk of any complications, such as temporary glare or halos.

A Trained & Experienced Custom LASIK Eye Surgeon

Our lead surgeon, Dr. Joseph King, was the first laser eye surgeon in the world to perform laser eye surgery using custom Wavefront technology. The procedure requires the use of a precision excimer laser that accurately reshapes the cornea. Instead of creating a corneal flap with a blade, Dr. King uses a completely bladeless method: the IntraLase™ femtosecond laser. This advanced technology achieves exceptionally precise results.

As a highly trained and foremost custom LASIK eye surgeon, Dr. King has completed more than 90,000 laser eye surgeries. In fact, he is a renowned expert in the field, well-respected by many former patients, including celebrities, military personnel, and pilots. You’ll always receive compassionate, attentive, and state-of-the-art care when you choose our surgeons for custom LASIK surgery.

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Custom LASIK Eye Surgeons & Specialists

Not every ophthalmologist performs LASIK eye surgery, and even fewer specialize in custom LASIK. Patients from around the world trust our team of custom LASIK eye surgeons for advanced vision correction surgery. Our surgeons have many years of experience in developing LASIK technologies, performing procedures, and perfecting LASIK techniques. They are specialists in the field and highly skilled at performing custom LASIK for patients of all ages.
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